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 Kitten Launch Detected... Score: -3628746527456275627562675 Moves: 47

> Fire Kitten Launcher!!

You don't have a Kitten Launcher!

> Whatever, get a Kitten Launcher!!


> From a gun shop!!

WOW, HOW AMAZING! They really sell Kitten Launchers here! But how will you pay?

> With the Anti-Gruebot!

OK. Now, what about ammo?

> Look! A kitten huffer!

You steal a Kitten from the kitten huffer, stuff it in your launcher and pull the trigger just before the Ur-Grue tears you into pieces...

BOOOM!!!! The sheer ass-raping pwnage of the Mobile Kitten Launcher Mk III causes a 1000 gigaton nuclear explosion, instantly 'vaporizing' the Ur-Grue and permanently knocking Earth out of its orbit! Bother about the consequences!!!


> Oh really? This must be a trap!

Oh yes, it is!

The Ur-Grue rises, bloody and battered, from the ashes of the explosion and roars angrily! What would you want to do?