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 Bring together party members Score: ? Moves: 48

> I summon the NYPD forces, Zombie Aeris, Wallace and Gromit, The Wrong Trousers, Captain Obvious, Jimmy Neutron, Angus Young, Dopefish, The Magic School Bus, Babe Ruth, Lumpy the Heffalump, Tigger, Homer Simpson, Herbie the Love Bug, Princess Peach, Spiderman, Cavin and Hobbes, Spongebob Squarepants and Patrick Star!

Ok. You summon them. The NYPD forces immediately start holding off the hordes of grues that the Ur-Grue is sending towards you. Wallace and Gromit, with Tigger, whip out their machine guns and start firing round after round to hold the grues back.

Suddenly, Chuck Norris appears!

> OH NO!!!

Oh yes!

> I combine forces with Spiderman and Princess Peach and fire my Thermolightcannon at Chuck Norris!

  • rolls around the floor laughing*

You don't know who Chuck Norris is, do you?

> Yes, I do!

Ok, then...

While you were desperately trying to shoot Chuck Norris, the Ur-Grue kills Jimmy Neutron and Herbie the Love Bug.