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 YOU WIN ... AS IF! Score: Friggin'High Moves: 49

> Fire the Kitten Launcher again!!!!

It hit the Ur-Grue, and the sheer force of the 1000 gigaton kitten liberates the Ur-Grue from the mortal plane of existence.

> Wait! What does that mean?

It means you killed the Ur-Grue, dumbass! Are you too stupid to even comprehend that?

> That means I win, right?

No, no, no! The planet-cracking might of the Kitten Launch has shattered Earth into a quadrillion microscopic fragments! You die in the cataclysm!!!

> Boo hoo... I died yet again...

Don't be too upset. You killed the Ur-Grue, and managed to destroy Earth before the Vogons or the Empire got at it. That's as close as you can get to winning around here.

*** You have died ***

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