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 peewee1 Score: 0 Moves: 0

Round 1 Begin

  1. SEED Clinjinese Hunter, of course, defeats 8 SEED common grue. Clinjas are naturally more deadly than grues.
  2. SEED Clinjinese Swordsmith falls to 7 SEED Oprah's Clinja. Oprah trained her semi-elite Clinjas well.
  3. SEED Grue-type Hunter vs 6 SEED Clinjinese dropout from Clown Enema University is no contest. Hunter wins.
  4. SEED You vs 5 SEED Grue-type Weaponsmaster

Grues are famed for being skilled at eating people. Luckily for you, this particular Grue uses weapons other than its teeth to kill its adversaries. This gives you plenty of time to decimate it with ease.

Round 2 brackets

1 SEED Clinjinese Hunter vs 7 SEED Oprah's Clinja
3 SEED Grue-type Hunter vs 4 SEED You