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 peewee2 Score: 0 Moves: 0
Round 2 Begin

3 SEED Grue-type Hunter vs 4 SEED You

Man, you've killed so many grues to get here that this fight is a piece of cake. You win with ease, aided by your Golden Egg of Arkora.

Now you watch the interesting fight to see who you face in the third round.

  1. SEED Clinjinese Hunter 7 SEED Oprah's Clinja

Clinja vs Clinja. Mmmmmmm...interesting. Both Clinjas start by meditating to gather laugh energy. The Clinjinese Hunter is the first to make a real offensive move...and it really does offend! You, being protected by an unknown magical force surrounding the ring, catch only a small whiff of the smelly fart the Hunter released, but it's enough to knock you out. Man, I'd hate to be the target of that attakekrgurghnv...

...rtkurghwand the Clinjinese Hunter wins after a grueling and exciting match! Man, that was great.

> What happened?

Oh, I see you're awake. You just missed the most exciting peewee match ever!

Well, the third-round pairings are up.

Round 3 pairing

  1. SEED Clinjinese Hunter vs 4 SEED You