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 Final Room Score: 678 Moves: 942

You exit the maze into Charon's lair. In the middle you can see a dead Charon clutching onto his portion of the egg.

> take egg


> add egg fragment

You add the egg fragment. The inscription changes slightly.

Golden Egg of Arkora
The fragment of Ark-Majik grants greatly amplified magic ability to the current owner. +20 HP
permanently to whoever has possessed this fragment at some point in time.
The fragment of Ark-Golym grants near-invulnerabiility and massive HP gains at great cost. Physical
domination against any opponent is virtually guaranteed. Physical might dampened slightly by the fragment
of Ark-Fayri. DISCLAIMER: Causes massive decrease in speed. Fast opponents might kill you anyway.
The fragment of Ark-Fayri grants incredible speed. Dampened only slightly by the fragment of Ark-Golym.
User is weakened physically.
The unifying core has been added. The true power of this egg will now be released.

Wowsa! You suddenly have access to anywhere in the first two Zork games!

To backtrack and find more goodies:

To be a wise guy:

If you want to play some other game series:

> So.....I really won?

YES! You did win.

> SWEET!!!! Do I have to go through anymore confirmation pages though?

A portal swings open. You can barely make out the words "ZORK III" in it. Does that answer your question?

> I think so. But where's my trophy?


Your Trophy[edit]

Now that you've beaten Zork 2, you can add the following trophy to your user page:

Z2 This user has united the Golden Egg of Arkora and beaten Zork 2: Gruel and Unusual Punishment.