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> attempt to pronounce "plover"

You fail miserably. You start to feel sad, because now you'll never be able to tell the old man about the similarities between this egg and a plover's egg if you can't correctly pronounce the word.

> attempt to pronounce "plover" again

Once again, you fail miserably. The old man starts to notice your pronunciation attempts and says: "Stop speaking in gibberish, kid."


Because that last command was in all caps, you scream out your latest pronunciation of the word "plover", which is again the wrong one. The old man smacks you in the face and says: "I told you to stop speaking in gibberish! Why don't you ever listen up?! Lousy kids today, no respect for their elders at all! All they ever do is sit at their computer screens and waste hours and hours playing crazy text based adventure games!"

> Hey, just what are you implying?

Nothing. Nothing at all. Really.

But you did learn a lesson from all this, right? Never try to pronounce difficult words such as "plover" when you can't even master the pronunciation of simple words, such as "xyzzy".