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 Narnia The End of Time Score: ? Moves: ?

> "Umm, I just slipped into a wardrobe. No time traveling of any sort there."

"Oh? That's... unusual. It wasn't a wardrobe of time, perhaps?"

> "No..."

"Are you sure you weren't whistling the Song of Time as you stepped in? Y'know, It goes dah doo, dee dah doo, dee-"

> "Well, no."

"Maybe you fell into the wardrobe at 88 MPH? Y'know, I'm just saying, 'cause there's a lot of ways to time travel, but almost none of them involve - hey, you don't think it was actually a TARDIS chameleoning as a wardrobe?"

> "Nuh uh, as soon as I stepped inside I was here."

"Oh well. I'll figure it out sooner or later. Make yourself at home anyways."

You suddenly notice that behind the old man is a bucket with a column of light extending out of it. You notice another column of light nearby.