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Topic is 'besides, I've got Bavaria if I get desperate | QDb!: |
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 F@H - It's like... protein.. and stuff.'
The topic was set by Olipro_ on 16.09.2006 02:13:16.
<mad_user> hey guys
<mad_user> i wuz banned but i like apoligize n stuff
* Splarka has joined #uncyclopedia (n=Splarka@splarka.hvn/splarka)
<Splarka> The page you vandalized belonged to me. I'll extend your ban to infinity.
* Splarka sets mode: +b mad_user!*@*
* Splarka has kicked mad_user from #uncyclopedia ([insert non-sequitur here])

Now you're banned indefinitely on both Uncyclopedia and IRC. Congratulations.