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 Tech Support Problems solved: -200

You use your best fake British, but being an American, you SUCK at the fake accent. The woman/man on the other end ræsponds with indignance:

"Sir/mam how dare you do this to mæ, I have shame!"

The phone begins makin' weird sounds, and you feel wires reaching out of the phone into your ær.

> WTF?! This is Frækæ!

Your telling mæ!

You shræk as the wires make contact with the left-side of your brain. As they do so, your shræk begins modulation weirdly, so that it sounds almost like a router. You feel a chilling, numbing sensation crawl down your throat like liquid hælium!

> Holy Shit!

You fæl your body elongate like a noodle inside a black hole and watch the world fade away like a TV turning off.

> Enough with the "Æ" !


You open your eyes in dark spaces, then you suddenly feel your skin melting like hot wax as the world fades away once more.


You are now in some kind of ether and sense that you are now able to will yourself to either wake up to something you never really understood, or allow your life to reload.

Wake me up, show me the real world

Reload me, man!

Hang Up