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 Narnia The End of Time Score: ? Moves: ?

> "Aw man, a Chrono Trigger reference? You guys truly need to get a life."

The old man perks up. "Did ya say Chrono Trigger?"

> "I wasn't talking to you."

"-cause I just happen to have a Chrono Trigger (or "Time Egg" as some people put it) right here. Do you want it?"

> "Well, duh. Aren't all text adventures about grabbing everything that's not nailed down?"

The old man shrugs, and hands you a small round object.

"Let us call that the Chrono Trigger. It is pure potential. By unleashing a specific course of events, it can have a powerful effect on time."

He then says a lot of other expository stuff, but you don't hear it because you've just realised that the Chrono Trigger is roughly the same size, shape and texture as a plover's egg.