Game:Zork/Biocomplex Roof

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 Biocomplex Score: 60 Moves: 33

> open ceiling hatch

Alas! You can't reach the hatch in the ceiling!

Now, if only you could find something to stand on...

> stand on tippy-toes, then open ceiling hatch with crowbar

Stretching as high as you can, you manage to hook the crowbar onto the hatch's edge, pulling it...

...hey, wait a second! Figuring out how to open the hatch was one of the major puzzles in the game! You didn't just look up that answer in the InvisiClues, did you?!

> uhh, no...

Yeah, you'd better not have.

Now, where was I? ..pulling it down, causing a folded steel ladder (bolted to the inside of the hatch) to unfold and extend to the floor.