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 Iron Balcony Score: 60 Moves: 33

> northwest

You climb up through the hatch and find yourself standing on an iron balcony twenty floors above ground level, overlooking a vast craggy mountainside, looming menacingly in the way that only giant inanimate immobile rocks can. Surrounding the mountains are dozens of jet-black buildings, roads and constructs. Above you is not sky but a gigantic cave ceiling, with enormous stalagtites pointing down like God's fangs themselves. This forboding place is lit not by the sun's light but by the volcanic lava of a nearby... volcano. The air is pungent with pure evil, as well as faint traces of utter madness.

You turn around, and observe that the building you just departed is nothing less than the Gruesome Palace, the Grue King's final fortress. There is now no doubt that this Mordor-like underground empire is
> Arkansas?

Gnngh, it's the Grue Empire you dolt! Really, it's a wonder I don't quit you now and play something else. Like Game.

> Hey, I'm the player here!

Yeah, you just keep believing that, Mr. Canned Response.

The only exits are down through the open hatch, and, umm, that's it. The balcony continues over that way.