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Beowulf and Wiglaf are fucked...

Depending on context, the term "fucked" can mean several things. "Dude we are so fucking fucked." Me on being fucking fucked.

  • I'm fucked: A declaration of being set for life. Also applies to "He's fucked", "She's fucked", "You're fucked", etc.
  • Fucked up: To place in high regard. (see Fucked up)
  • Fucked around: The act of performing incredibly important yet subtle tasks that may evade direct observation, yet upon which the entire of society hinges.
  • Fucked by: Examined for lice or other parasites.
  • Fuckity Fuck Fuck Fucked: The main villain in the classic children's story, 'Chitty Chitty Bang Bang.'
  • Fuck fuckity fuck fuck fuck: The answer to five times two.

Examples of usage

  • "I'm fucked! I'm totally fucked! Woooooo!"
  • "Johnson really fucked up the Peters account. I tell ya, that guy's going places."
  • "Son, you've fucked around all summer, and now what do you have to show for it? I mean, besides the Nobel Prizes."
  • "I get fucked by my boyfriend every night."
  • "Mummy, I love my new Fuckity Fuck Fuck Fucked lunch box!"
  • "How bad does it hurt, on a scale from one to fuck fuckity fuck fuck fuck?"


From the Anglo Saxon fucct, meaning fucked. See Beowulf Chapter XI line 710-727: Ða com of more under misthleoþum Grendel gongan, godes yrre bær; mynte se manscaða manna cynnes sumne besyrwan in sele þam hean. Wod under wolcnum to þæs þe he winreced, goldsele gumena, gearwost wisse, fættum fahne. Ne wæs þæt forma sið þæt he Hroþgares ham gesohte; næfre he on aldordagum ær ne siþðan heardran hæle, healðegnas fand. Com þa to recede rinc siðian, dreamum bedæled. Duru sona onarn, fyrbendum fæst, syþðan he hire folmum æthran; onbræd þa bealohydig, ða he gebolgen wæs, recedes muþan. Raþe æfter þon on fagne flor feond treddode, eode yrremod; him of eagum stod ligge gelicost leoht fucct.

(Literally: From out of the moor, Grendel appeared and headed to Hrothgar's hall. He ripped open the mouth of the hall and entered to see the sleeping warriors. While Beowulf watched, he grabbed an unlucky warrior and fucked him.)

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