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Fecalcore (abbreviated "fXc"), an extreme form of music inadvertently started by Elvis Presley and rekindled by G.G. Allin, comprises a wide variety of musical genres, including heavy metal, punk, other -cores, rap, and even variations of emo. Although the music is as diverse as pop, all bands in the fecalcore genre share one thing in common: fecal matter.

History and Background[edit]

G.G. Allin, widely believed to be one of the most extreme musicians of all time, brought fecalcore into the semi-mainstream. G.G. Allin's extreme acts of defecation on stage are still unrivaled in the fecalcore genre today. Furthermore, G.G. Allin would actually play in the fecal matter and throw it in the crowd. Due to health concerns, things like this rarely happen but at very small venues today.

While G.G. Allin brought fecalecore into the (semi-)mainstream, almost every band in the fecalcore genre can agree that Elvis Presley is, quite possibly, the first fecalcore musician of all time. During a February, 1956 concert, Elvis Presley had to stop in the middle of a song to defecate, but, unlike G.G. Allin, he defecated into a toilet backstage. Nonetheless, many believe this moment to be the birth of the fecalcore genre. Because of this, fecalcore is considered one of the oldest -cores. Rarely ever can a -core trace its roots beyond the 1980s. Fecalcore, on the otherhand, goes all the way back to 1956. Furthermore, Elvis Presley also continued with the development of the fecalcore genre with his death in the bathroom on August 16th, 1977. (Hardcore fecalcore fans tend to say Elvis suffered a fecality.) Those in the fecalcore scene tend to regard the story of Elvis as the originator more as rumor of creation rather than pure fact.

Fecalcore would go without musical representation for a few years until G.G. Allin hit the scene in full force. Upon G.G. Allin's arrival to the scene, a myriad of other fecalcore bands were formed seeing the success and the large fecalcore audiences.

Definition of Fecalcore[edit]

Fecalcore is, technically, any kind of music that has lyrics about feces, or is performed by bands that simulate defecation while on stage, or whose performers resemble fecal matter (some forms of dreadlocks are tailored to look like fecal matter for the purpose of fecalcore).

But, many fans only consider fecalcore bands to be those that have feces at their show and condone group defecation by fans listening to their music at the concert.

The Underground Fecalcore Scene[edit]

Because scatological acts are generally considered disturbing, gross, and even morally wrong by many people, the fecalcore scene, for the most part, is underground. While mainly hardcore, grindcore, or mathcore fans will gladly state their preference for that particular genre of music, fecalcore fans tend to be less vocal about their perference, for fear of social persecution.

Although the fecalcore scene is mainly underground, it is by no means small. Venues who will accept a fecalcore band tend to sell out within hours of the tickets going on sale. This is because a fecalcore concert is like no other concert on the face of the earth. As with other scenes, there is such a thing as Fecal Points (Scene Points). These points are given to each other among friends based on their acts involving feces.

Fecalcore concerts, as can be easily surmised, consist of large amounts of feces. While many -core genres have moshing as a prime means of dancing at their concerts, fecalcore has defecation. Audience members who wish to take part in the fecalcore extravaganza are provided - free of charge (usually covered by the ticket) - laxatives so that they can defecate while listening to the fecalcore music. Besides group defecation, fecalcore concerts also have a variation of the so-called scene-dancing that involves the act of defecating while dancing. Besides dancing and group defecation, fecalcore concerts are usually marked by large amounts of cow manure, and sometimes human feces (a rarity, put to a stop after a mass AIDS outbreak). The cow manure is generally placed on the ground in huge piles so that, instead of crowd surfing, fecalcore fans can jump in and literally swim in the feces.

Fecalcore concerts are generally a once or twice a year thing as many known fecalcore bands are banned from most venues and consequently it is only new fecalcore bands that really get to play at concert venues, before their fecal subject matter is exposed.

Influential and Founding Fecalcore Bands[edit]

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