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“This place is weird, just plain fucking weird.”

~ George Washington on Fantasyland

“How is this place Fantasyland without some good throttling?”

~ Oscar Wilde on Fantasyland

Fantasyland is home of the Faneída tribal nation. It is one of the founding members of the Disneyland Confederation. Today, Fantasyland hosts most of Disneyland’s bureaucracy and government functions; Fantasyland also is considered by many to be Disneyland’s cultural center.


The Matterhorn mountain dominates Fantasyland’s landscape.

The natural landscape of Fantasyland is dominated by the Matterhorn mountain, one of three prominent mountains located within the Disneyland Confederation. The Matterhorn holds much cultural significance for the Faneída people. For a millenia, the Faneída have regarded the Matterhorn has a sacred site. More recently, the Matterhorn has become a symbol of pirate terrorism, after agents of the Pirate Liberation Organization piloted the Skyway into the mountain in the notorious 11-9 incident of 1994.

The Great Council’s headquarters.

Fantasyland also hosts many of Disneyland’s government buildings. Disneyland’s Great Council meets in the Administrative Council Building, located in the city of Slee-bin-bú-tee, the confederation’s capitol city. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs, site of the Fantasyland Spring demonstrations in 1970, is also located in Slee-bin-bú-tee. Historically, many of Disneyland’s ruling bloodlines have belonged to the Faneída tribe. When Disneyland gained its modern-day independence in 1955 after the signing of the Treaty of Corporation, descendents of these bloodlines played a large part in the new government. Members of the old Mouse and Rabbit clans in particular have played a large role in Disneyland’s modern development. Today, members of these families—Mickey Mouse III and Roger Rabbit—serve on the Great Council.


The Faneída people have a long tradition of story-telling. Much of the intellectual property that is traded by the Mickey Mouse League originates from Fantasyland. The world has been enriched by traditional sagas and their tales of adventure among the Faneída tribe’s old ruling clans and royal houses.

Many of Fantasyland’s ruling bloodlines have genetic abnormalities. In this historical photograph, the misshapen ears of Mickey Mouse the Great (left) and Oswald Rabbit (center) are evident.

Fantasyland’s ruling families have traditionally only married among themselves. As a result of the consequent inbreeding, many members of these families sport genetic abnormalities. For instance, the Mouse and Rabbit clans can be distinguished by abnormal facial features: large misplaced ears and oddly shaped noses and eyes. While most other cultures would react to these deformities with disgust, among the Faneída, such features are considered beautiful. Many Faneídans wear special headgear emulating these deformities.