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"...there's this duck, right...."

(also known as "duck sayings")

“Duck, duck, duck, duck, duck, duck, GOOSE!”

~ Oscar Wilde

With a language as rich and diverse as Duck many colloquial sayings and proverbs have grown within vernacular use. This section is intended to highlight some of the more noted, though it does not claim to be an authority on such a large subject matter.

Relating to Family Life[edit]

  • quack quack - "Yo' mama...." - trans. Pertaining to references to the subject's mother
  • quack quack quack quack quack quack quack quack - "She's MY cousin?" - trans. I was unaware of any family connection

General Use[edit]

  • quack quack quack quack quaack quack. - "Two waddles and a quack" - trans. Not much use
  • quack quack quack - "Like water off my back" - trans. I am unconcerned
  • quack quack quack quack - "Read my beak" - trans. I am lying, but am pretending that I am not
  • quack quack quack quack quack - "If it walks like a human and talks like a human, what is it?" - trans. a human?
  • quack qua'quack quack quack quack - "Ah good, breadcrumbs again, yummie!" - trans. I wish that we could eat breadcrumbs every day
  • QUACK!!! - "HUMAN!!!" - trans. Watch out, something is about to hit your head
  • quack quack Quack quack - trans. And I said to the guy "You can shove that Bill up your arse"

Quack quackSucks for USC

Specific Use[edit]

  • quack quack quack quaack quack. - "If it smells like a duck, and it floats like a duck, it probably is a duck" - trans. Open your eyes, it is a duck, moron.
  • quack quack quack quaack quack. - "If it talks like a woman, and it spends like a woman, it probably is a woman" - trans. Open your eyes, it is a woman, moron.
  • quack quack quack quaack Eindhoven. - "If it smells like a dump, and it looks like crap, it probably is Eindhoven" - trans. Open your eyes, this is Eindhoven, moron.

There is a long and extensive list of these sayings. It seems that either ducks have bad eye sight, or they like to call each other "moron". Also of interest is the fact that ducks seem to be able to pronounce "Eindhoven", or this could be an error in the transcript of the research.

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