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“"No quote? What is this nonsense? An infamia!"”

~ Yes, THE Andy P

Drenthe is an evil former part of the Netherlands originally without any inhabitants. This is because the evil dictator of Drenthe (Relus ter Beek, former farmer (mainly sheep)) has outlawed all humor. Since then, the 3.000 inhabitants (mainly sheep) have fled Drenthe despite the building of the Iron Curtain after WWII by the Evil Dictator Relus ter Beek.


After 'de grote volksverhuizing' (big movement), Drenthe has attracted a lot of inhabitants (mainly sheep) after 1960 and now contains two big cities (although Assen may argue that there are three). The main reason for the big movement is because it's main fuel source is just as expensive as gold (or ink cardridges, for that matter). The fuel source is called 'turven' which are blocks of compressed dead plants, bodies, animal's carcasses and so forth. These bodies can also be found in Assen in the National Museum (though it's not really National, but generally a sense of megalomania). The 'turven' can be found in fireplaces, but also under someone's head, when he's tired.

The current dictator is Erikah Karst, daughter of Oscar Wilde. Erikah Karst look just like Erica Terpstra and their singing qualities are a close match).

Drenthe is so mindbogglingly boring, that the main attraction is rocks piled on other rocks what they call "hunebed". Dumbass people from all across the world come to see and photograph those piled stones. The most famous of all can be found in Balloo (named after the bear in "Jungle Book"). The biggest one can be found in Borger. Even tho Drenthe has the most piled stones than where ever on the world.

Amazingly enough, TerscHELLing is even worse: no rocks are to be seen there at all, only small pebbles, and they're not even piled on each other.

Drenthe is also the lowest educated people of the Netherlands. Cause there is really NOTHING to do, from you ages people are getting on to drugs and will become stupid lazy unemployees and do nothing else but bitch on internetforums, mainly the Dutch www.fokforum.nl


Drenthe has a lot of neighbours, from large to small:

1) Groningen (little refuse dump where people declare that there is nothing above it, which is not strange since everything that ís accidentally above it dies instantly due to the smell of it.

2) Overijssel: A rock band called "Höllenboer" is their main attraction. Has a lot of schools and stuff and lots of people are living there in small villages like Zwolle (meaning swollen) and "Enschede" (which translates to something so disgustingly obscene that it's kept secret by the Dutch people)

3) A small country, called "Germany" (jetzt geht's los).

4) That little place where people say they have their own language, a flag which contains red hearts *yuck* and who are generally hated by everyone (including those who haven't heard of them).


The 3 cities from large to small are:

1) Emmen (116.000), known for it's Zoo, which has a unique specimen of very small flying kangaroos. The Zoo also has very special pinguins who don't know how to raise a baby Humboldt pinguin, so they are as close to extinction as the Puma.

2)Assen (70.000) is famous as a place where motor bikes are chasing each other on a circuit. More famous is ofcourse the night before where everybody is getting drunk for fun. But this is not very special, since from the North to the South of Drenthe the police (often called "scooto's met leipe pattas or smeris") are often chasing scooters which outperform the police (It's like putting Valentino Rossi on a 250CC, but Sete Gibernau can't win with his 500cc).

3) Hoogeveen (45.000), known for it's love of glass (but not so much that Cees van Olst may educate how to blow glass). Hoogeveen has it's own Aeroport, in size equally as big as Schiphol.

4) Erica (3.000), known for the heavy metal band "Skik" (often confused with Metallica (meaning the same thing))


In short: 'Drents'. But only it's inhabitants know when to speak Dutch, which it's neighbour inhabitants (mentioned at number four) can't do. Drents is all about not ending your words, so people really get confused where the hell you talking about. That's why the drents people hasn't any social capabilities.

Known for[edit]

  • Their pr0n industry
  • Hansje Brinker
  • Hunebedden (piled-stupid-stones)
  • Bartje

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