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Theatrical release poster.

Creepypasta is a 2007 mockumentary horror film directed by twelve-year-old Internet user "Deathkill-666". The film follows through the experiences of the narrator, who had "occasinally spotty spelling and grammar". This later became an Internet phenomenon and meme, with many fans making scary stories in a similar format, involving themes such as jumpscares, paranoia, spookyness, warnings to the reader that "your next",[1] skeletons popping out, warnings that <insert name here> is actually in a coma and telling them to wake up, images of hyper-realistic violence and blood, and spookiness.


The main character, <insert name here>, walks around in his home, when he decides to buy a video game called Polybius at a yard sale to relieve his (or her, if <insert name here> is a lady) nostalgia. He buys the video game when Jeffrey, the pale-faced old man at the yard sale, warns <insert name here> that his now-dead son Bart haunts the game cartridge.[2]

<insert name here> disregards the warning, and plugs the video game cartridge into the console, and plays to relive his nostalgia, when he notices several anomalies in the game, such as "hyper-realistic images of rape, murder, and blood" randomly appearing, music which "sounds like the Mickey Mouse theme played on a broken music box", and then a "picture of static appears and their was random pixels everywear." Then, <insert name here> gets scared when pictures of the dead child appear with the caption warning him that "NO ESCAPE! YOU DIE!", but <insert name here> disregards it and dismisses it as a glitch. However, the zombie child Bart pops out of the television set and kills <insert name here>.[3]

It is then revealed that the events of the film were actually part of a coma dream, and the film ends with a blank screen with the words "How do you know your not in a coma? WAKE UP!". Later, a plot twist appears at the end of the story and says: "Guess what? <insert name here> WAS YOU! AND YOU'RE NEXT!!!", and the film ends with the sound of Zombie Bart's evil laughter.[4]

Writing style[edit]

Creepypasta triggered an Internet phenomenon in its wake, where online users attempt to write stories in the style of the movie. This phenomenon is the appropriately-named "Creepypasta". When writing, Creepypasta writers strictly adhere to the professional quality forum post SpOoPY ScArY SKEleToN Creepypasta Writing Guide Manual of Style Thingy, created by a twelve-year-old creepypasta writer who goes by the username "AAA" online.[5]


The SpOoPY ScArY SKEleToN Creepypasta Writing Guide Manual of Style Thingy suggests using all-lowercase letters to convey emotion, anger, happyness, sadness, adverbs, nouns, and verbs. Additionally, capital letters may be used to highlight important plot points and key words.[6]

The comma should be used, to create comma, splices, and will be us,ed as the only, punctuation, in Creepypasta stories, inserted at rando,m intervals in sentences of cree,pypasta stories, and is used to replace all, punctuation,[7]


The guidelines in the SpOoPY ScArY SKEleToN Creepypasta Writing Guide Manual of Style Thingy state that in order for a Creepypasta to be gramatically correct, one must replace certain instances of "they're" and "there" with "their", as well as "you're" with "your".[8]


Creepypasta was met with critical praise. Review aggregator site Rotten Tomatoes gave it a 666% "fresh" rating, calling it the film that "CHANGEYED THE FILEM INDUSTREY FOReVeR!!1".[9]


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