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A buzzword is an interoperable element of the diversity inherent in the English language.


To become an enterprise-level, totally synergistic groundbreaking solution provider, leveraging and empowering current customer's infrastructure by proceduralizing its current mechanisms.


To better attain these goals it's necessary to be results-driven, in the same channel as the customer. Then it'll be possible to add value while remaining ISO and Web 2.0 compliant.


The customer is always right. Otherwise, clue him/her.

Below are some facts about Buzzwords:[edit]

  • The first buzzword was used in 1912 by a Bee.
  • The second buzzword was used in 1913 by a Wasp.
  • The use of buzzwords implies an interest in Geography, specifically land formations.
  • The phrase "buzzing with ma' honey" refers to the 1964 hit "Buzzword Boogaloo" by George Orwell.

The buzzword is currently facing extinction due to the illegalization of the English language. Despite this fact, buzzwords continue to leverage functionality by moving forwards, drilling down and attaining synergistic benefits to level the playing field. When using buzzwords, it is always helpful to first touch base with a user-driven paradigm to avoid gaining a ballpark figure, which would give you high visibility. Buzzword users are always mysteriously on the same page, seamlessly integrated, and think outside of the box. Which box this may be is completely unknown, because Buzzword users are always too busy actioning projects and constantly at capacity, so they are unable to bring anyone else up to speed. All too often, mission-critical deployments are simplified through new unified development tools, standards-based security, and advanced clustering capabilities, which is always helpful for scalable applications.

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