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Utter Shit is used to describe something that is horrible, full of crap, or even worse than Oscar Wilde. It can be used to mock people.

Steps on calling stuff Utter Shit[edit]


  • When you call a person utter shit, the latter should feel hurt, and may ruin his mood, whether happy, or unhappy.
  • The next thing that will happen is, he will start getting serious, and ask why he is, utter shit.
    • NOTE: There is a possibility that he will come back with this "utter shit yo face!" If he does, he has officially PWNED!!1!1oneone!eleven!!11 you. But cases like this happens rarely, so do NOT worry.
  • When he asks why he is utter shit, you should go smack his face, and tell him that he must face the truth.
  • Finally, he will then thank you, and continue his life believing that he is utter shit


  • First, go to the founder/writer/creator/owner of this object; confront him/her
  • Step up to him/her, and say "Hey _____, your ______ is utter shit" (make sure you express it no feelings whilst saying it)

Example: Hey Oscar Wilde, your penis is utter shit.

  • He/She will sue you
  • Next thing to do is, steal his/her cellphone and kick his/her shin (if he, then kick his Left Nut)
  • Run like hell, bitch!!

Media Stuff[edit]

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  • This is almost like objects, but instead, you can post things about this in the internet.
  • Start a forum in any site with forums about a show or movie
  • Say bad things about it (eg. ugh, i couldnt stand watching it!)
  • Let others start making their comments and shit
  • THEN, out of nowhere, type this exactly "THIS CRAP IS UTTER SHIT" (note the bold and ALL CAPS)
  • People will start agreeing to you, and you will become notorious
    • NOTE: if the producer of the show/movie catches this forum, YOU will be the one to blame


See also: Emos
  • When you are alone in you're room, after you Masturbate, get into an emo mood.
    • you can do this by listening to emo music fuck, by purchasing quality, rusty blades, and/or cutting your own hair like the ugly tree
  • Once you're in the state of emo, start writing down poems (which is, in fact, utter shit), and start talking to yourself
  • Then, once you start to feel that certain feeling where you want to say stupid things about yourself, say this "...i am utter shit...."
  • Kill yourself