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See this link for an Oscar Wilde quote on related links.

This page is related to the page you were just visiting. That means that the page you were just visiting is related to this page. If the page you were just visiting wasn't related to this page, then obviously the page you were just visiting wouldn't have a link to this page.

How did I get to this page?[edit]

You got to this page for several reasons. First of all, the creator of this page created this page. Second, the page you were just at displayed a link to this page. Also, for some stupid reason, you actually decided to click on the link to this page. (You didn't have to click on the link. I have no idea why anyone with more than a squirrel for a brain would even consider doing something as stupid as what you just did.)

How do I read this page?[edit]

You don't. All you have to do is press the back button on your browser and return to sanity. That's it, you didn't realize it was so easy, did you? Obviously not, you clicked on the link!

The History of Related Links[edit]

The roots of related links can be traced back to the 2,315th attosecond after 4:23:18 pm on March 4th, 1752. That's because, 4 years, 7 months, 2 weeks, 6 days, 20 hours, 8 minutes, 54 seconds, and 80,839 attoseconds later, Queen Fred XLV I/II (the Almost Almost Wise) came up with the idea of related links. Then she died, and nobody ever knew she had that idea.

18.4 years earlier, the idea of related links had been implemented by Boulder Joe in his website, http://www.howtobeaboulder.com. However, he could not patent the idea because he was a boulder and could not move. It is believed that Queen Fred XLV I/II (the Almost Almost Wise) got her idea from this website. Still, Adolf Hitler is credited with the invention of related links.

A pie usaly has a related link with another pie.

The Race for Reinvention[edit]

After related links were invented, many people wanted to be the first to reinvent it and then be told that it had already been invented. This, they thought, would make them famous and earn them a place in encyclopedias as hard-working but unfortunate inventors. However, George H. D. Y. B. K. L. E. P. J. S. Bush decided to take advantage of this by publishing it in his book on how to become famous. Suddenly, everyone in the entire world was trying to reinvent related links.

On the 329,389th attosecond of 6:40:12 am on January 19th, 1805, related links were reinvented. For one full day, everyone in the entire world was famous.


Some people have criticised (gasp!) related links for being either somewhat unrelated, or too relateable. Not like families, which are totally unrelated to this subject, but can be related.

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