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Why? help? Maybe it makes you feel good about yourself, maybe you just don't have anything to do. But, we all must of helped someone at some point.. no? really? well just imagine. There are many ways to help people, from helping someone with their work, to helping annoy people on forum threads. This Why? article will go through the advantages and disadvantages of this pleasurable experience.

Why.svg Why? 
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Why help?[edit]

Helping with something, or someone can be very rewarding for you.

  • It gives you pleasure
  • It gives someone else pleasure
  • Makes someone's life easier
  • Makes you feel needed

Some people really respect you if you help them, however, as explained below, this could lead you into a vicious cycle of helping people, then soon after, you will be the one that needs help.

Why not help?[edit]

Look at this guy, he wanted to help her open her car, now he's carrying her bags. He maybe smiling, but he's stuck in the cycle.

On the other hand, there are many reasons Why? you shouldn't help.

  • God, what a waste of time
  • Sometimes, you can get dragged in, and will end up having to do more stuff
  • They could hold a grudge against you
  • What's the point
  • You have to ask yourself questions like, are they going to help me? have they helped me in the past? should I pay them back? If the answer for any of these is no, leave.
  • If you help one person, you'll be asked by the next guy - leading to vicious cycle

As explained in the Advantages, this vicious cycle could become quite vicious indeed. Once you've helped Cecil, Michael will want help, leading to you being whored around everyone in your work place.


Why? Help, well unless you've got something to gain from it, whether it's popularity, a sense of need, or just something to do. You've always got to weigh up whether the loss you get will be balanced by the gain.