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If you like to answer questions with questions, you're probably a rabbi

Why?:Answer a question with a question? Why Not? Has it ever occurred to you that it may be YOUR way of reasoning that is wrong and not mine?. But enough about me, What about you?. Why do you ask such paradoxes in the first place HMM?

It is a well known fact that Rabbis always answer Questions with questions, so maybe you should ask a rabbi this question, But that'd come to no hope because they'll only answer your question with a question.

Its like Trading Cards but with words. Also forces the asker to answer their own question, this can lead to such Funny results, like this one.

  • Asker: Sir, Why Do you wear a top hat?
  • Answerer: Why don't you Sir?
  • Asker: I don't know!!
  • Answerer: Neither do I then

Really though, Most people only answer, questions with questions because they cant think of an answer. In order to combat such people then one should simply answer there question of an answer with a question. Like so.

  • Asker: Sir Why do you Wear a top hat?
  • Answerer: Why Don't you Sir?
  • Asker: Why do you Sir?
  • Answerer: Why don't you sir?
  • Asker: Why do you Sir?

This leads to some sort of Word Volleyball in which both Opponents simply lose the distinction of asking and answering and become Askerswers. Being an Askerwer is actually a recommendation for becoming a rabbi (Unless your Liberal). Its a fact that the worlds top Askerswer is a Rabbi, Jacob Barstien has spent the last five years of his life in a game of Word Volleyball with another Rabbi. His Fellow Askerswer has been so absorbed by this he has even forgotten his own name and most of the English language.

It is rumored that Jacob once played Word Volleyball for so long that his opponent actually starved to death. It looks like this may happen again with his new opponent. Though, Typical of rabbi Barstien. His opponent must be destroyed mentally first. We tried to approach the two but this is all we got out of them.

  • Jacob: Why Not?
  • Rival: Why-Why WHY SO?
  • Jacob: Why Not?
  • Rival: WHYYYY???

In Conclusion, I answer my Questions with a question. Possibly because of two things,

  1. I am a rabbi.
  2. I cannot think of a real answer.

So there you have it!!. Now Unless you want to spend the next 70 years of your life in a game of Word Volleyball, Whilst slowly going mad. I suggest you leave.