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The Office of Multicultural Affairs was an office that kept racial tensions among students at Wheeling Jesuit University down to a peaceful low. It was burnt in 2003.


After the creation of the Guild of Diplomats in 1340, diverse elements began to flow into Wheeling College like cancer in the liver. In a short period of time, Turkish and leftover Roman scholars began rubbing shoulders with students and professors from all over the world. Osmin Khan, then the leader of the Dschinghis Khan protectorate, sought to create a worldwide hub for the pursuit of knowledge, and was greatly pleased by the influx of bright new talents from countries and regions across the globe and from outer space.

Many Turkish and Roman students, however, were displeased at this growing number of foreigners, and felt threatened by their prominence. In fact, Turkish and Roman relations themselves were in fierce competition, often polarising the student body and resulting in vicious AXE bombings in numerous locations, including Campion/McHugh and T-More. However, in 1351, the Secret Pact O' Peace was signed between the Turkish and the Romans, and an underground resistance known as The Purifyers was formed. The Purifyers practised guerilla tactics against international students, and the hapless victims often found themselves given no help when they approached the Roman-controlled Campus Insecurity.

The Guild of Diplomats retaliated by forming the Terrorists' Network, a moniker which would revive itself in late 2001. They used highly trained elite forces to wreak havoc in Turkish and Roman populations, and poisoned water supplies to living spaces as methods of besieging them in the dorms.

Bloody peacekeeping measures were instituted by a dismayed Osmin Khan, and a ceasefire between the foreign and local students was reached in 1354. As part of the agreements, Osmin formed the Office of Multicultural Affairs, a governing body that promised to fairly represent both foreigners and local attendees of Wheeling College.

The Office functioned in various degrees of competency throughout the centuries, its importance waxing and waning depending upon the strength of the international student community. The Office finally ceased operations in 2003, when students found it burnt to the ground one October morning. Official releases claimed that it had been destroyed by irate KKK members, but new research suggests that it was burnt down by Campus Insecurity agents working under the orders of El Presidente.