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Walking like an Egyptian[edit]

Walking like an Egyptian is a form of meditation, similar to that of Zen. It is a way of connecting with your inner self and makes you feel groovy all over. Contrary to popular belief, Walking like an Egyptian was not invented by the Egyptians. It was created by the evil company ClayPigeonSite, and it was originally designed to make people change into cats. However their stupid plan failed and they ended up selling the dance to Cleopatra.

Hip Hop saunter[edit]

The Hip Hop saunter is similar but is completely different.

Olympic speed walking[edit]

It took the Egyptians many centuries to develop the famous walk. Here is one unsuccessful early attempt.
  • Olympic speed walking is a modified, simplified form of the Egyptian Walk that lacks much of the elegance but preserves the traditional quick pace of the Egyptian Walk.
  • The founders of the modern Olympic movement sponsored extensive research into the Egyptian Walk.
  • The researchers (the very first Egyptologists) spent considerable time at the Pyramids analysing the tomb paintings to learn all they could about the Walk, and they paced around inside the Pyramids perfecting the Walk and getting into the groove.

New developments[edit]

  • Because of advances in Egyptology, a new style of Olympic speed-walking will be introduced at the 2012 Olympic summer games. Those games were originally set to take place in London, but are being moved to Cairo in honour of the historic occasion.
  • The Olympic movement expects that the world will thereby enter into an era of enlightenment, cosmic consciousness, and general overall grooviness.