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WJU Saga is the authoritative history of the events that transpired on the campus of Wheeling Jesuit University from 2003 to 2004. It was unique in that the story unfolded through the hands of many different contributors, each with their own distinctive style and slant on the series of events. The Saga enjoyed wide readership and a loyal following until it was shut down on Oliver Cromwell's orders (the same ones where he also banned Christmas) by the Gestapo and (almost) all known copies were burned. It is one of the proposed reasons as to why COSBI was eventually clamped down upon.


Today few copies exist of the Saga and much of what is know amongst the population comes down through an oral tradition, much of which comes from the oral traditions of 5th Ignatius. The Saga details the exploits of a particular student and the Council of Light's battle against the dark forces of the League of Evil and their minions. The epic battle was chronicled by a few daring students and was compiled shortly after the battle so that people might know that future events such as these will effect us in the future.

The Saga initially began by tracing the back story of Chris Bling, whose name was changed to protect the obvious. It detailed problems that he faced in school, as well as issues he endured while searching for employment. All of these events embittered him, and by the time he was hired as WJU's Vice-President for Student Affairs, he had firmly decided to set evil plans in motion.

The Saga continued by introducing Jude, a fictional protagonist who was recruited by the Council of Light to fight against the forces of darkness. They battled many foes in their time, from PETA members to demons from the netherworld. The many incoherent locations and backdrops included a Russian submarine, Serbia during the Cold Wa, the pits of Hell itself, and of course, numerous locations on WJU's campus.

Funnily enough, the Saga was never actually finished.

Cast of Characters[edit]

Too many to list, sort of like War and Peace, just with more pronounceable names... Some of the more important ones are:

  • Jude, the hapless protagonist of the story.
  • Chris Bling, primary antagonist and chief member of the League of Evil.
  • Billy Cabra, Bling's compatriot.
  • Dr. X, member of the Council of Light. Many other members of the Council of Light also featured prominently in the Saga.
  • WJU's Own Tom
  • Christopher Walken
  • Fed Acker Huang and the League of Evil, the primary antagonists

Movie Rights[edit]

Currently the writers are negotiating for the TV and Movie rights. No bears are expected to be in the film.

Fact or Fiction?[edit]

The most peculiar thing about the WJU Saga is that is blurred the lines between fact and fiction. It is hard to say nowadays what is truth and what is nonsense on WJU anymore, especially since most of the students and faculty have gone insane. As far as the authors can tell, the only thing that they can all agree on is that Jude does not really exist.

The rest? We may never know.


In many ways, the WJU Saga transformed campus culture. No longer was there oppression against those who wished to speak out against corrupt officials leading the university astray. Despite the satire and the pseudonyms being extremely easy to decipher, there was little to no retribution from higher-ups for the creation and continuation of the Saga. Did they like it? Or were they just that stupid?

The WJU Saga, along with Moore's Booke of Academic Martyrs remains as one of the most controversial and subversive piece of literature ever to pollute WJU soil. WJU Saga differs from Moore's Booke of Academic Martyrs, however, in that the former was actually written by WJU students, whereas the latter was not.

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