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“After walking for some distance, I encountered the rusty tracks of a street-railway and the worm-eaten poles which still held the limp and sagging trolley wire. Following this line, I soon came upon a yellow, vestibuled car numbered 1852 -- of a plain, double-trucked type common from 1900 to 1910. It was untenanted but evidently ready to start; the trolley is on the wire and the air-brake pump now and then throbbing beneath the floor. I boarded it and looked vainly about for the light switch -- noting as I did so the absence of controller handle which implied the brief absence of the motorman. Then I sat down in one of the cross seats toward the middle, awaiting the arrival of the crew and the starting of the vehicle. Presently I heard a swishing in the sparse grass toward the left and saw the dark forms of two men looming up in the moonlight. They had the regulation caps of a railway company, and I could not doubt but that they were the conductor and motorman. Then one of them sniffed with singular sharpness and raised his face to howl at the moon. The other dropped on all fours to run toward the car. I leaped up at once and raced madly out of that car and away across endless leagues of plateau till exhaustion waked me -- doing this not because the conductor had dropped on all fours, but because the face of the motorman was a mere white cone tapering to one blood-red tentacle...”

~ H. P. Lovecraft on his first and last urban exploration ever

Urban exploration[edit]

An urban explorer stands in front of a plasma TV that has been targeted for exploration.

==Urban Explorers==, UE or urbex is the collective name for people who like to explore abandoned properties such as Industrial sites, Military Areas, Asylums, and very rarely, occupied homes in the dead of night.


The foundation of the Urban exploration movement was started just after the explosion at the Chernobyl Power Plant, After people were first allowed back they discovered that taking pictures made them famous, The idea of Urban Exploration had started.


One of the most fundamental things in Urban Exploration is the use of Cameras, as the website 28dayslater will explain, if you're not a photographer then clearly you're a shit Urban Explorer, if you can't take a decent picture then you CLEARLY can't climb a staircase at 2:00 am.


The Urban Exploration cults have their own sets of rules that most sect members strive to follow. The UE "10 Commandments" are without follows, These:

  • Thou shalt take good pictures otherwise ye shall be deemed twattish.
  • Thou shalt not steal anything (unless it's REALLY shiny and cool)
  • Thou shalt NEVER knock walls over (unless a sledgehammer is found on site)
  • Thou shalt respect security (even if they suffer from Downs Syndrome)
  • Thou shalt listen to the leader of thy group
  • Thou shalt not travel in large rowdy groups
  • Thou shalt have a minimum of Canon 7D on you at all times, maximum 5D Mark II
  • Thou can't be arsed to finish off thy rules
An urban explorer having "borrowed" an undetermined silver item to be documented.

What do to if you encounter an urban explorer[edit]

Urban explorers are very dangerous. If you hear some strange noise in your house during nighttime, it's likely an urban explorer "exploring" your house. They are exceptionally good at blending in with shadows and are thus very hard to spot, which is why they call themselves "the Shadow People". Urban explorers can be destroyed by platinum bullets.

[1]28 Days Later[edit]

Deep within the ruins of HTML lies another type of Urban Explorer, these types are the strictest of people, if you don't have a camera that takes good pictures then you sure as hell can't join. Remember children.

Also, they've explored all of the UK already and any more pictures that aren't HD/HDR or taken with an SLR will be SHUNNED. Get a ticket to Calais and find a disused Petrol Station.