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UnWeather is the most reliable weather forecasting source on the interweb. UnWeather uses many other sources and chucks them in the bin because they are always wrong. UnWeather give you the correct forecast you want. UnWeather will detect your current location and then give you an accurate forecast for the area closest to your current location. However for some areas of Russia, Moscow is the closest area. UnWeather also accepts weather bribes. For details please contact UnWeather via the usual E-mail address. UnWeather is currently being bribed by AAAAA A. AAAAAAAAA.

It is currently: The First Month of Spring Umbrella.jpg[edit]

Yesterday Last Night Today Tonight Tomorrow

Cloudy.JPG cloudy

Moon.JPG Moonshine.

Cloudy.JPG cloudy

Moon.JPG Moonshine.

Cloudy.JPG cloudy

Daytime Temperature for Tomorrow[edit]

High: 1000000 Kelvins Low: 1000000 Kelvins


Probability of fireballs for Tomorrow[edit]

Within an area of 55m³ of you there are exactly 55 gnomes, and 5 faeries.

Medium.JPG There is a Medium chance of fireballs today, take an umbrella in case of freak showers.

Gnomes per 1000 for The coming week[edit]

The average value of Gnomes for the coming week is approx. 550 Gnomes per 1000 Humans. For an exact number of gnomes where you are, hold your cursor over the magic gnome to the right.

Server Status[edit]

Server Status

Tick.JPG MSN is online.

Aim logo.jpg

Tick.JPG AIM is online.

ICQ logo.gif

Tick.JPG ICQ is online.

Heat Index[edit]

The BTU is currently worth 1055.0558555 joules on the international market.

Other Significant Notes[edit]

Global Worming Behind Tropical Weather[edit]

The increased number of worms in the tepid climate results in hotter weather says new survey by Professor Eckhart Fingbinger of the University of Calaforina. The survey isn't as in-depth as many had hoped and as a result critics criticise. The research however does through light onto the burning situation, showing that global worming is not a force to be reckoned with. Global worming is blamed for the recent Hurricane Ermintrude, which destroyed a large area of northern Alaska. The government has decided to fund research into global worming in this very late stage of the situation, many say its too late, but they were dismissed as depressing.