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"Just you and me/White trash girl"
"We'll dress up like Steve Earle..."
"He looks like Vince Neil..."
"...and a stone-washed denim skirt..."

One Saturday I went walking to Wal-Mart
I met a girl there, and she stole my heart

White trash girl
Please look at me
White trash girl
What do you see?
Let's travel round the block
On tour with the Mon-sters of Rock

I tapped her on the shoulder
And said "Do you have a man?"
She told me that she did not understand

White trash girl
Give me a chance
White trash girl
Let's go make fun of France
We'll dress up like Steve Earle
Just you and me white trash girl

We went to the Philly Pizza Company
And ordered some Schlitz beer
The waitress said "Well no, we only have Heineken."
So we jumped up on the table and shouted "Long live Rock!"
And someone played a Kid Rock song on the jukebox
It sounded like 'Cowboy'
So we started screaming'
"...'cause I sleep all day-ay!"

She took me to the trailer park for a barbecue
Her father took one look at me and said "Oh my God, we're screwed!"

White trash girl
It makes no sense
White trash girl
'Cause your dad is white trash too
He looks like Vince Ne-il
Yeah you're for me white trash girl

We went to the strip mall
And laughed at all the shoppers
And security guards trailed us to a record shop
We asked for Motley Crue
They said "They don't work here."
We said "If you don't got the Crue then your store sucks and you suck too."

We hopped into her car and played a song on the boombox
I said "Hey what band this?"
She said "Whitesnake, man. It Rocks!"

White trash girl
Your teased hair is wild
White trash girl
Let's have a child
We'll name him Bret Michaels
Just you and me
In your wicked Poison shirt
Just you and me
and a stone-washed denim skirt
Just you and me
White trash girl

The Band

  • Modusoperandi and the Dead Milkmen, minus lead singer Joe Genaro, who was too stuck up to contribute. The rest of the band, as well, refused to help out.

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