UnPoetia:Vogon Love Poem

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Isn't she lovely? Isn't she wonderful....

My love is like the decaying swamp of Bogon-Farsuckle MCXIX
Her pustulent orifices fascinate my snarble
Oh how they drip pestilence like the acidic poison of the
Snarkleweiss Viper, and fills me to the brim
With feelings of helplessness as she
Devours me with her crab like mandibles
And tears me apart

Her name trips off my rather long
Very hard and stiff, phallic
Opposable thumbed tongue that fills my mouth
With dental bacteria and puss
Betsy the dragon-goddess of the planet Bogon-Farsuckle MCXIX
Is the name under which I am acquainted with her person
And causes my ears to bleed