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Of Haikus[edit]

I sat down to write
Several haikus today
It was really fun

I got a pencil
'Cause pens are scary, you know
Permanently there

So I was writing, and
I forgot about the rules
Too many syllab

My haikus are bad
That makes me so very sad
Hey I can rhyme cool

Haikus are silly
Anybody can write them
And they will succeed.

My friend helped me write
This haiku for my senior year English class as extra credit.
I need better friends.

This is a haiku
I was too lazy to write
A poem that rhymes


Of Life[edit]

I look at porn lots
It is really cool and nice
I think this because

My daddy loves me
So much that we play baseball
Nothing sexual

My Father loves me
So much that we play Bible
Nothing sexual

My brother hates life
His hair looks really stupid
Hairified dumbness

I have few int'rests
Except for tap-dancing and
Sometimes quick doobies

I go to college
Next year, at least hopefully
I am really glad

Should have grown out of
Haiku by now but I am
Immature, oh well.


Of Stuff[edit]

Why are we all here?
Wouldn't it be great if we
All were there instead?

Girls really suck balls
Not literally, although
I suppose they do

Unless they are gay
Like Elton, Ellen, RuPaul
All of their names rhyme

Except RuPaul, though
But is he/she even gay?
Or just real fucked up?

Life's mysteries are
Enigmatic and scary
Poopy is better.

Haikus are awesome!
But sometimes they don't make sense
Monkey testicles!


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