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Unicorns are beautiful things,
For the most part anyway.
But none of them know how to sing,
And some are prostitutes, hookers, or gay.
I met one once, and took her home.
She offered me her service.
Soon, I was shooting foam
All over her cervix.
But then she said a sentence,
That made me get out of bed.
There's a reason I wrote in past tense.
I shot her in the head.
She had asked for monetary payment,
Fifty dollars, to be precise.
I need to hide her body,
And doing it fast would be nice.
I didn't think much of this,
After it had been done.
But her pimp placed me on the hit-list.
I guess I'd better run.
I hope you learn from this mistake,
That I unfortunately made.
If you hire a unicorn hooker,
Make sure she gets paid.