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When the the lights go out,

Let us all give each other a hug,

For all the Koms are full of cum,

For they've been screwing us form behind,

Been some time now,

And the end is far form near, for now.

And for many years to come

Ref: ByteOver

These days of yore, they bring great news!

To Oscar Wilde, and all the Jews;

With this website you just can't lose!

Unless, of course, you're drinking booze.

Uncycloped, Uncycloped,

Your mom's so scared she wets the bed.

Uncycloped, Uncycloped,

Your father dropped you on the head!

That is the reason, you're so cruel,

But otherwise, you are a jewel,

Uncycloped, Uncycloped,

Please do not mix old booze and bread!

Chakku Norisu is kawaii!

"Hey dude, are you like, from here [Hawaii]?"

In Soviet Russia, YOU reverse Russia!

Wait a sec. Did I just solve the mystery of unraveling the Russian Reversal?!?!? OMFG!!!!!Q!!!11!!!!! STFU N00BZ!!!!!11!!!!!!!one!

I M HaX0Rz, H33r m3 r0aR,

AlLz UR base, th3y 4R3 n0 M0r3,

N0 m0Re Ur bA5e, B3cAu53, U C,

ALLZ UR BA53 AR3 BELONG 2 M3!!!!!!

Oh Chuck Norris, please consider,

(Damn it, nothing rhymes with that!)

I am the runt of the first litter,

(Finally, I got it! PHAT!)

If you were to roundhouse ME,

(w00t! I'm getting closer to the end of this poem!)

You'd be an even cooler guy, you see?

(Damn it!)