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(Begin with 7 second echo thing)

The timer is strange,
It is a shame
when I can read something
Oh so crazy cuttin' edge.
One more time I'm interested.
I swear, I'm addicted to it.
And I don't even have membership.
So, for the teen and old.
Ugly men and boys.
I'll put you on my list of huffs.
To see how far you'll go
UotY, Only one can win
And so I say this crap:

[Chorus x2]

UNCYC, 5 capital letters
printed in dumb,
'cos details makes the n00bs sweat.
Evenmore, while you are stealing a belt
Nonsense is my name, and surname, nickname, Full name


Can anyone read
anything here,
without losing your mind
over Oscar Wilde.
Ladies - here so,
let's get this started.
totally losing our minds
over Oscar Wilde

[Chorus x2] [Refraine] [Chorus] [Piano Solo]