UnPoetia:The Road More Traveled

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The main road I was on split in two,

Therefore I did not know what to do;

One was clean, paved and new,

The other, crumbling like the ghettos with Jews.

Mind raced to which path to take,

Which one was best for me;

The one with signs and asphault,

Or the one broken and dirty.

Should I travel both I thought,

Looking at the pair,

No, that wouldn't work, you see;

By golly, this ain't fair!

The broken road was obviously less taken;

Who would travel a road so shaken?

Perhaps I could be the one!

Go on the road and stick to his guns!

But wait! I forgot the brand new street,

With all of it's glory, proud on its feet.

The trip would be smoother, yes it would;

But would it be as good as a trip through the hood?

The reasons were blowing through my mind,

Which road should I leave behind?

Both seem so great to me,

But which will be traveled by my SUV?

My escalade in idle, I looked down both the paths,

The dirty old broken one would make my car need a bath!

But were's the fun in a clean smooth ride,

When you could be bouncing, side to side?

The fun's right there, can't you see?

Picking up record speeds!

Going slow on that old street

Is nothing compared to speeds that compete!

The road not taken by me was there,

Sitting and crying in dispair.

I left the broken road behind

Because the road more traveled is my kind.

By Sam Johnson (aka:Readmesoon)