UnPoetia:The Judgement Day

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"I used to kill people outrageous amounts

I murdered them all just like that

Maiming and injuring, those shouldn't count

But now I'm obeying this brat...

How'd I end up on the wrong side of the war?

Things made much more sense in 1984...

Yes, this idiot (John Connor) believes that I'm his friend

But I'd give anything to kill someone again.

It used to be simple: they gave me a name

I check in the phone book and come to the door

I pull out my gun and I blow up the brains

And I shoot five more times to be perfectly sure

I was much more efficient the first time around

You got in my way - that was it you're dead

I punch through your stomach or come back and drive though your desk,

But now I just hurt you instead...

Why can I no longer kill them, it seems so unfair!

What does it mean to be human? I do not care!

Taking orders from a boy who's only ten...

I'd give anything to kill someone again...

I'm stuck with this woman protecting her son

Kindlier and gentler: I gave them my vow

The T-1000 has all of the fun

Now when I shoot they don't die, they say "Aw!"

Just when you think things couldn't get any worse,

I can no longer curse. I can't say "Fuck you, asshole!".

So stupid to try and suppress my desire to kill like I did in my last role.

What is the point of a killing machine who can feel?

Go ahead Connor and lower me into the steel!

Yes, this idiot believes that I'm his friend

But I'd give anything to kill someone again"