UnPoetia:The Break Up

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Roses are red
Violets are blue
This relationship is over
And your ass is through

It started off nice
But you cheated on me twice
It isn't gonna work
So listen up you jerk

I should have seen it coming
What would you think of next
Then I came home to find
You sleeping with your ex

Your shit is scattered
Across the front lawn
Lord help me
You better be out by dawn

Why did I stay with you?
I'm not an imposter
There were some benifets
But I question myself as well...Lobster

This glorious moment
Has finally come at last
So take your love, marriage and life together
And shove it up your ass

I hated when you talked about
All your pointless stupid friends
I'd rather get hit
By a speeding Mercedes-Benz

You never cared for me
You've had this comming for a while
Maybe you shouldn't have been
So arrogant, shallow, selfish and hostile

I deserve
So much better
Someone much friendlier, nicer, loving, caring
And hotter

So goodbye
I wish you farewell
The next time we see each other
Will be when we meet up in hell