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Ten little porn $tars, sipping their red wine.

One drowned a drunkard and then there were nine.

Nine little porn $tars, part of a steamy large date.

One got a STD and then there were eight.

Eight little porn $tars, sucking all the semen.

One choked on it and then there were seven.

Seven little porn $tars, posting p0rn pics.

One's IP got blocked and then there were six.

Six little porn $tars, not again virgins for all their lives.

One's ass got blocked up and then there were five.

Five little porn $tars, being butt pwned by Thor.

One was a whore and then there were four.

Four little porn $tars, realized it was pee.

It wasn't semen so then there were three.

Three little porn $tars, one was called to the bed with a coo.

His little boner grew to big for him and there were two.

Two little porn $tars, the little girl yelling "Yum!"

The little boy gave her more and then there was one

One little porn $tar, masterubating to naughty video's till he could cum.

He realized that one wasn't fun and proceed to get hung.

And then there was cum.

...and lots of it.