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Oh Great Siam!

I had a pretty good time in you that night!

And you're probably worthy of praise

For some other reasons!

Fuck salt

Siam Siam Siam.

Your name sounds a bit like Sam,

But you're not Sam.

You're SIAM!

And don't think you can fool me that you're not.

But why did you have to surprise me that night?

That girl was looking quite hot when she was sitting at the bar,

Probably like a 6/10 or something like that

And the moon was full

And the elephants were ripe

But why? Why did she have to have

A penis?

Whoops! Maybe you were looking for Fun Page?

She had an alright face

And quite small breasts

But she had a penis.

She had a slightly below average arse

But I'd had a few beers so i didn't care

And she had a penis.

It's not like I wanted her to have a penis

I thought she was a woman

But no!

She was no woman!

She had a penis!

Siam, you surprised me in her cheap looking bedsit

I went in for the kill

And soon found out that she wasn't a normal woman


She had a penis.

Why did you have to make me so drunk?


Now I'm only high on regretamine,

Because she had a penis.