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An atrosity it be to write the number endlessly

And spend all of eternity to list in its entirety

The very proof of our mortality

The ultimate fatality.

Three point one four's all that I need

Those magic numbers to succeed

The will of the tyrant's dome

The hole he calls a home.

The train of pi rides on and on, never once it stopped,

The Pi in all its glory being photoshopped

To reveal only what lies within the facts,

That the truth cannot be revealed if resorting to haxx.

Do not try to press ~(tilde)

Valve does not own the world.

Enjoy a game of De_Dust

Forget about this truth unfurled

Yet you read on hoping to

find a smidget of the truth

Playing games of every sort

smelling like an old tooth.

Pi simply cannot be attained

Try running after the train

of endless numbers, an elegy

shall be played after thee.

Endlessly time after time

you will fail in your quest to mine

the deppest secrets of time

to find the area of a dime


Has that pleased you yet?


I hope that you forget


To turn off your stove


So that you may join the treasure trove.

Wisdom comes with a price

How about Treasure for your wife?

I swear, it isn't a bad deal,

She can't even provide a decent meal.

Alright, I give, I'll tell you now,

But you must first give a solemn vow,

To never tell, not even a cow,

Lest you be absorbed by a ShamWow.

Three point one four one five nine two six five four tmes ten in the seven trillionth Power.

I hope you're happy.