UnPoetia:Ode to GTA IV

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What the hell,i pulled a guy out of a limo and shot him and he didn't have any money, and then i just shot a hobo and he had 85 bucks!

Holy shit! holy shit!

You didn't see that, did you?

I wrecked into freaking building and flew over a mountain and landed on the other side.

Get in the car you lazy ass.

Oh shit! you can't follow me assholes. Oh shit they followed me! thats how i got away last time i just drove off of something.

Ive got the good guns, the bad guns, and health. The bad guns are fun to though you can just go up to a car with the AK-47 and waste the shit out of them.

ahhhh cops.

Fucking cops dude.

Its cause theyre jumping down dude, turn around, turn around.

How many cops do you think i killed down here?

Dude i shot so many cops down here they started to disappear.

Climb mother fucker, i dont know... climb out! fuck.

I was in a little deal like that see? see where all the fucking cops are?

Holy shit!

Wheres the FBI agent... no... no

no YOU asked for it!

Thats why im killing cops, its cause im so sweet.

Its a 2 way tunnel, they just havent decided to come through the other side yet.

Put up a good freaking fight thats for sure.

Whats the buffalo cheat? you printed them off?

Flip it in reverse! what the fuck...

holy crap.

wow, i just escaped 4 stars.

Wow these cops are persistent as shit.

I wanna get some blood on my bumpers but i can find any people.

Dude how did they get out of that car in time to shoot me after that?

Thats bullshit.

God that helicopters holding out like a dick.

Damn how are those police cars keeping up with me im fucking hauling ass.

How come theres no cars? i need a fucking car right now

How do the cops know where i am anyways?

Thats cause im a badass driver.

uh oh, im gonna end up in the water here in a sec.

How do i get fucking back over? oh shit... no

Ah dont shoot me!

ow! theyre shooting the shit out of me!

Fuck i died, i hope i get to keep my guns,