UnPoetia:Ode To a 6lb Tub of Samonella Peanut Butter

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Oh Peanut Butter, you're incredible
Though you're extremely inedible
You taste so very delicious
But your intentions are malicious

I only heard the recall too
Before I was about to devour you
Oh peanut butter, the gratitude
We have for your bland attitude

And surely we forgot your aptitude
For you have none and we're quite subdued
Oh Peanut butter, you've taught us much
Like how dangerous you are and such

And farmers should beware of other stuff
'Cause they can make things really rough
Mainly things like E. coli
Can cause a lot of people to die

So before we think it's very yummy
For God's sake, look out for your tummy
Oh peanut butter from Peter Pan
You come in a large tub like can

The wonders that do come from you
Are extremely exciting too.