UnPoetia:Ode To Mrs Amanda McKitterick Ros

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Mrs Amanda McKittrick Ros
I love you so dearly because
of your delicate prose
which many a soul knows
and your poems divine
which far outshine
those who hate you - much to their loss.
Your power to simplify
even the greatest of things
made your verses such a treat
"Creation be!" you wrote
"And lo! Creation was!"
How can we mortals compete?
The critics - those bastards - how dare
they your matchless perfection compare
to aught even in jest
you're clearly the best
'specially when the day of eggs is here
They fail to see the glory of your greatest creations
which give all your fans the greatest elations
as Irene Iddlesleigh and Delina Delaney
face alliterative tribulations
And against swearing in women you rail
and quite rightly declare it beyond the pale
your ire makes us take you in close to our hearts
and agree that such women are indeed "dirty clarts"
History will judge you unique
a literary doyenne
to those who treasure your prose
and still thirst for aught from your pen.