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Little yellow spider, laughing at the snow Well maybe that spider knows something that I don't know 'Cause I'm goddamn cold

Little white monkey, staring at the sand Well, maybe that monkey figured out something I couldn't understand Who knows?

Well, I came upon a dancing crab, and I stopped to watch it shake I said, "Dance for me just one more time Before you hibernate and you come out a crab cake"

And hey there, little snapping turtle, snapping at a shell Ah, there's mysteries inside, I know But what they are I just can't tell for sure

And hey ya, little baby crow, you're looking kind of mean I think I oughta split before you start letting off your steam For sure

And hey there, little sexy pig, you mated it with a man And now you got a little kid with hooves instead of hands

And oh, all of the animals All of the animals

And hey there, little mockingbird, they sing about you in songs Ah, where you been? Have you broke a wing? I haven't heard you in so long

And hey there, little albatross, swimming in the air Ah c'mon, you know I can't fly And I think we really oughta play fair

And hey there, Mr. happy squid, you move so psychedelically You hypnotize with your magic dance all the animals in the sea For sure

And oh, all of the animals All of the animals

And hey there, Mr. morning sun, what kind of creature are you? I can't stare, but I know you're there Goddamn, how I wish I knew

And hey there, Mrs. lovely moon, you're lonely and you're blue It's kind of strange, the way you change But then again, we all do too

This song has a deep and meaningful message. No one knows what it is yet, so for now it ROX WITH AN X!!! Coz little yellow spiders like to laugh probably because Mr. Happy squid hypnotized it!!! Mmmm... babbling