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I am American and I am really pissed off.

Why hasn't my country ever been great?

Why don't we have any notable overseas colonies? (Well we never did I suppose).

Or attractive women?

Why does it always rain/snow/hurricane/boil/volcanic eruption/earthquake here?

Is it because we're on the edge of the Atlantic?

I swear it's not like this in London. (London, UK. NOT London, Kentucky).

Or Yorkshire

Why is my country so awfully bad?

Why is it that all we have going for us is our language (which we stole borrowed off the UK)?

And no-one likes learning that anyway.

Other countries have some really cool stuff.

Britain has loads of attractive women.

And there's that really big tower in Canada.

Why don't we have any history (or talent)?

We just have a used-to-be-the-world's-tallest-building in Manhattan,

and a really bad gun-crime problem.

I'd like to burn the Whitehall to the ground.

but the British already did that in 1812,

I get really embarrassed,

because I think I am English, but I'm actually from the US.

Why is my country so awfully bad?