UnPoetia:Harder, She Cried

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As I sit here, broken hearted,
Where I struggled to shit, but hath only farted,
Popped a vein in my brain, and I was rendered retarded,
And thats where all of this chaos started.

She left me here, in this rut,
so I shoved my meat into her butt,
and she liked it oh so much, because she is a slut,
Harder! she cried, Harder!

Though it is okay, because it was a trick,
I had the AIDS inside of my dick,
Watch that gooey jizzum stick,
Where within her brown-eye, I gave a lick.

She soon discovered she had HIV,
This was my vengeance, all for me!
But she kept slamming my skull, with bricks, with glee,
Harder! she cried, Harder!

The blood on the soil was quite blotty,
All of the children raped my dead body,
She stood around, her attitude was snotty,
Harder! she cried, Harder!
Harder! she cried, Harder!