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Haiku 457b is one of the most popular haikus from the "Bumper Book of Haiku - Volume 5: Haikus About Haikus" by Yoko Homo. Volume 5 contained Haiku 401 to 500. This was notable as some of the haikus have more than one part. The most popular haiku was 457b, as listed below.

This is a haiku
I even counted the syl-
Lables to make sure.

Other notable haikus from Volume 5 included Haiku 406a:

Don't you just hate it
When you're writing a haiku
And don't get to fin-

And also 411a:

This is my four hund-
Red and eleventh haiku...
I'm getting quite bored.

Roger "Sun Yat" Ebert, noted haiku critic, said his personal favorites from the new volume were 450a, b and c:

The worst thing about
Haiku is that they do not
Rhyme with anything.

That said, haiku could
Rhyme with something like "Why coo?"
Or maybe "Like you"

Yes, that's good, haiku
Can be used to rhyme with gay
Stuff like "I like you".