UnPoetia:Dubya the Dumb-Assed President

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You’ve got Reagan and Bush I and Ike and Nixon
Then there’s Carter and Kennedy, Obama and Clinton
But do you recall,
The most infamous president of all?

Dubya the dumbest president,
Had a very tiny brain
And if you disagreed with him,
He would just call you insane
All of the US citizens
Thought Al Gore was going to win
But Dubya’s brother Jeb Bush
Called all his vote counters in

Then once he was president, Dubya doubled the deficit
Pulled us into a double war
Gave to the rich and took from the poor

Now there’s a huge recession
A lot on Obama’s plate
But Dubya just laughs
‘Cause it’s not he the Tea Party hates!

Dubya ruined our economy, and there’s one thing I must say:
His low point wasn’t the hurricane
It was his whole presidency (and his twisted brain)

All of the citizens were terrorists
If they said what his fate would be:
“As our nation’s worst president,
You’ll go down in history!”