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There once was a pimp named Bitcha Snigga

and he had the most horrible ho that you could figga.

One horrible ho. That's all he had.

####, it made him and his dick feel bad.

For there was another pimp he thought was a witch.

A fancy pimp named Sunof Abitch.

And he had two hos! That made him scritch.

Poor nigga. When he ever, ever saw

Sunof Abitch walking by avoidin' laws,

He'd feel ######. He'd drink and cuss.

Then one day, he got really pissed and said with a fuss,

"####! I'd throw him down a ditch.

I'm gonna have more hos than Sunof Abitch"

So he drove in his Pimpmobile to his physician, Wussy.

He was a hemophrodite so he had a #####.

And he said " ####, nigga! Can you find out

How I can get more hos in this bout?"

" You fat ########. You're just a beginner.

You got enough hos so your dick won't be thinner.

Then they got into a nigga moment and he shot so many bullets

That finally, he thought of one in those tiny little mullets.

He told him about some ciggarettes that came in packs.

He'll need plenty so he gave him tons of sacks.

"Thanks, sucka!" said Bitcha Snigga and he rode

in his Pimpmobile to the 7/11 right on the road.

There was the store! As soon as he stroked it,

He got a pack of cigarettes, went out and smoked it.

It started to taste horrible but it tasted great!

He wanted that ho so fast and not late.

Then he saw someone apporaching. He saw a person coming.

And then someone tapped him on the back and knew it wasn't Jim Cummings.

And Bitcha turned 'round and whoopedand saw a switch!

Two hos! Exactly like Sunof Abitch!

Then he thought of something. " I think I won't stitch

But I'll get a ho better than Sunof Abitch!

These cigs make you attract hos without sucking your sack!"

So he took another one out of the pack.

He saw someone else coming. Then Bitcha yelled "####!

Sunof had two hos. Three I've hit!

When Sunof Abitch sees the hos I have,

He'll wish he has more hos than I have!

I'll show him who's more pimped out! Him or Xzibit!

I'll need more and I'll need an exhibit."

He snatched at those packs and got every cig

His taking of those things were big!

He didn't stop smoking, not just yet.

Till he smoked 3 packs. Now he wouldn't fret.

Then the hos appeared with with a biddy! With a baddy!

They came out, even fans of Puff Daddy.

All fit for a pimped out pimp! He started losing track

Of the many hos he had and how much he had crack.

They just attracted him without even trying.

Now this is really true. I'm not lying.

They came out of conventions, Hooters and Blockbusters.

And some came to him by many lusters.

And still they came. They came and they came

Until he had to watch Boondocks and probably the game.

And NOW," at his house, " After watching Boondocks,

I'll show Sunof Abitch and probably get some dreadlocks.

When see em, he get em and probably die

from all the hos demanding money to get for their fry.

Then he took his hos home and went into his small house.

But they couldn't fit in there as they were filled with a blouse.

He ###### and he pumped and tried some repairs

But the bitches weren't in! Couldn't breathe! No flairs!

And all through the night, he tried to get in

And he wouldn't be there and still wouldn't win

If his physician hadn't heard the pimp scream.

He rushed to his house and got him some cream.

To rebuild his house almost took a month

And to lose all those hos, he was a dunth

And it took him almost a day more

To get rid of the cigarettes. Now that was a bore.

And when the torture was all done,

Bitcha's amount of hos, again was just one.

That one ho had as a beginner.

But now he has enough and isn't a sinner.